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Big intimidating dog names

This is a good description of the way a Great Dane puts in every inch of strength and more into its attacks, not holding back at all. While the Great Dane is applauded for being one of the most well-behaved and obedient dog breeds around, an untrained dog of this kind will rebel like anything against its owners because it has grown up to believe that it can overpower them. The title is fitting for a noble and humble Great Dane, that despite its size will not show signs of aggression towards its family or use its powerful and strong body against them.

Most of you would know this name from Norse mythology. It is a name of Scandinavian origin and is a reference to the twelve handmaids of Odin.

Additionally, a Magnum is a kind of very powerful gun that is a trademark in the US.

This kind of gun is known for firing with a lot more power than is its caliber.

As the owner of a Great Dane, you will undoubtedly have to focus a lot on obedience training, but another great task that you will have to achieve even before you start training your pet is to look at the top choices for Great Dane names.

Coming from the English language, this name literally translates to ‘from the king’s meadow’.As a Great Dane name, it is a compelling title that truly describes the formidable size and almost statuesque physique of your pet.A Great Dane name of Latin origin, Magnum comes from the word “Magnus” which translates as “great”, a word that is literally a part of the name of this breed.The name has royal connotations and is fit for a very special dog.Also, this name is very suitable if you want to call your dog by a regal name but not something which is very cliched, such as King. This name is widely known in the Greek mythology where it was held by the highest of gods who ruled the earth and humankind for a very long time.

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Use this name if your Great Dane is very confident and exhibits dominant personality traits.

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