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Tinder treats LGBTQ users as second class users because it views LGBTQ sexualities as second class sexualities; we are not the norm and therefore not worthy of even the most basic of consideration. In addition to sharing the name of unlikable female television characters everywhere, Brenda struggles with style and utility. I would like to put as much distance between access to my lady-bits and men as possible, even on the internet.

Out of morbid curiosity, I created a Tinder account linked to one of my straight guy friends facebook, and surprise surprise: not a single picture of a man popped up. I sifted for so ages in hopes that maybe Tinder really does just treat all people as if their sexual preference is equally irrelevant; it doesn’t. Why not just name the app “Gram Gram” and call it a day?Tone wise, Ok Cupid is relentlessly upbeat with tongue in cheek terminology and a pleasant aura of “we don’t take this too seriously and neither should you.”Amenities: Like all of these apps, getting starting with Ok Cupid is quick and simple.All you need is an email address and a (hopefully charming) username and you’re reading to get creepin’.Mainstream online Dating apps, other than Tinder, still have a long way ahead to server the LGBTQ community.And, not to mention, some apps and sites shamelessly ignore the need of make any changes.

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Choice to not appear to straight people- this cuts way down on creepy straight dudes so blinded by their own delusional desperation they refuse to believe “gay” means “not interested in men including you”Experience: The biggest free dating app in America, Ok Cupid combines a wide array of filters, detailed profiles, and arguably the largest density of LGBTQ women to choose from.

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