Articles on why dating is not allowed at work community dating no charge

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Articles on why dating is not allowed at work

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At a time where the demand for transparent communication in the workplace is at a premium, employees are not speaking-up enough.   How you express your opinions at work (or not) is a direct reflection upon how people experience who you are and what you represent as a team member, department leader and as an individual.   Your voice defines the value you bring to the organization.

Therefore, your voice must be balanced and objective. It means that you are able to manage how and when you say things.

A difficult task when you consider how easy it is to react in certain circumstances.

In most cases, your identity is misrepresented because your voice does not consistently communicate what is really on your mind.

If this sounds too familiar, it is apparent that you are not performing at your most optimum levels.

In fact, how many times has someone said to you in a meeting, “That’s a great idea you should do something with it.” What happens?As you voice your opinion, those around you provide inputs that you can then evaluate as you decipher your final decisions that may influence your plan of action.Voicing your opinion can create and convert those same conversations into meaningful research to help you drive more sustainable performance outcomes. Command Respect When you voice your opinion consistently, you set a tone for yourself.You begin to command respect from those who are not courageous enough to express themselves. Therefore, be careful with the tone your voice creates and manage it.I have found that most people who speak-up, aren’t strategic.

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