Apple mail inbox not updating

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Apple mail inbox not updating

This does work to reestablish a connection to the remote mail servers, but it’s a tad clunky to say the least.

If quitting and relaunching Mail isn’t reasonable, Apple has offered their own workaround to deal with the new mail issue until a future update comes out to fix the problem: taking the troubled account offline, then bringing it back online, thus forcibly reestablishing a connection between Mail app and the remote email server.

re-entered email and password and away it went fine.

I can only assume that there may have been a corruption in the i Pad mail app.

In some situations, you may find the port number or mail server address has changed once the new settings have been detected from the mail server, and the problem will resolve itself accordingly.

The bundled Mail app for Mac has taken an odd turn by gaining a collection of odd bugs and incompatibilities with a variety of email providers.

Personally I don’t find taking an email account offline then back online to be any faster than just quitting and relaunching the entire application, but for some users this may be a better interim solution.

Yes relaunching and re-checking a box is a little frustrating and can be a little tedious, but it does seem to work to resolve any problems with Mail app, as the automatic detection of mail account settings will adjust server settings to accommodate the Mail app configuration.

If you’ve completed this and OS X Mail app still hangs on launch but does not offer any obvious errors, your next troubleshooting step should be to rebuild the Mailbox as described here, which should resolve that issue.

If any issues occur, you'll need to address those before the account will work in an app.

Apple releases updates to their operating system any time they identify a fix to an issue.

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