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#parents #dadlife My wife is a rockstar,” Drew wrote on his Instagram.Welcome to this big beautiful world, Ember Florence Seeley ♥️ 7/20/19 Mama and poppa love you more than words can express. And thank you @modernladoula keeping us tranquila 🤙 A post shared by Drew Seeley (@drewseeley) on This weekend – am I right?! My birthday weekend is usually full of excitement but this one definitely takes the cake!How did you get your start into the crazy world of Hollywood? I feel like every time I'm in a room it's an opportunity for something amazing to happen. You've crossed paths with many other entertainers during your hosting days with E! Is there anyone who particularly blew you away in person? The resort we stayed at would do these theme nights. It also loosens up people's inhibitions so they become a little bit bolder and make moves a little bit quicker. I've always been athletic but I've definitely amped things up in the last few years.I moved to LA right after college at the ripe old age of 22! I'm in a sketch comedy show that allows me to play and feel free and improvise. I got to go to the Fast Five junket for TV Guide which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My sister and I had huge crushes on him when we were teenagers. We have just as much fun after we tape as the cast does on screen! One night it was Italian night, another night was Japanese night. They would set up the tables in the sand and have music playing. There are some relationships that get serious very quickly this season. Before my wedding, I started working out with a personal trainer.

I didn't wanna do that for many reasons, I'll go into more detail later, but when my fluid looked low Friday Doc decided l should go in that night.Anything we should keep our eyes open for on the horizon?I'm hosting the Wella Trend Vision Awards live on July 19th. I'm also working on a book and a short film that I want to take to some festivals next year. We went in for yet another prenatal appointment on Friday at what my doc and were calling 41.5 weeks gestation.My "due date" was moved to July 8th early in pregnancy but I fought it for some reason, trying to maintain control of something that was so obviously not in my power.

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  1. Hats off to the men and women who so beautifully juggle career and love, or those who have decided to fully embrace their single status because it brings them more joy or makes them feel like their most actualized selves.