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Cipto Mangunkusumo initial struggle, the man born Pecangakan, Ambarawa in 1886, it started since he often wrote essays that tell about the suffering of the people due to the Dutch colonization.Soekarno (Proclaimers / first President of Indonesia).

Top service and sacrifice as a warrior defenders of the nation, state his name has been named a National Hero which was passed by Presidential Decree No.109 of 1964, dated May 2, 1964, and his name was immortalized as the name of the General Hospital in Central Jakarta.

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He is a cofounder of the Indische Partij, the first party party organizations are struggling to achieve independence of Indonesia and actively participate in the Committee on Bumiputera.

Its activities are always at odds with the Dutch made him often discarded and retained to various corners of the country and even into the Netherlands itself.

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